Exterior Remodeling Gains Momentum

by Gene Makarenko

 For this year 2014, it looks like exterior remodeling can add the best value to your home.

Of course, exteriors can include siding, roof, paint, as well as windows. With "curb appeal" being an important part of real estate sales, the exterior is the first impression that someone has of the home. It may make the difference as to whether they will want to go in! In a recent article from Huffington Post, "Exterior Remodeling Offers Largest Return on Investment", the research results were from a Cost Value report of over 35 projects that have shown gains in cost recouped since 2013. Three of the largest cost recoups in the Portland area were from exterior home improvements including windows, both wood and vinyl, doors, and garage doors. All of these showed an 80% + recoup of the costs involved. A steel entry door replacement topped them all.

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Windows are popular not only for energy savings and curb appeal, but the enhanced experience of managing the light and heat coming through windows is important for many homeowners.

In our last blog - Windows for Winter - Why Double Panes Save Energy, we stated "Energy efficient windows not only conserve heating energy during the winter, but help keeps things cooler in the warmer months. Leaky and inefficient windows can cause up to 25%-40% of the average household energy bill. In Salem, that can add up. Energy efficient windows can help to reduce those costs both in the winter and summer. Plus, we can save you up to 40% on the costs of windows. Think about those reduced costs also!"

Here are two videos that we showed in our blog last year from one of our main Window manufacturers.

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